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Round Three Results!

Results for Round Three:

Best Overall Angst
Winner: Since You Left I'm A Gold Balloon That Wanders High by anythingbutgrey
Winner: Falling Into Shadow by deird1
Runner-Up: Epilogue by snowpuppies
Fan Fave: Epilogue by snowpuppies

Best Overall Dark
Winner: Broken by escritoireazul
Runner-Up: An Alphabet of Fred by deird1
Fan Fave: Filigree of Suffering by spikes_evilbint

Best Drabble
Winner: Feeding on Dreams by velvetwhip
Runner-Up: Tithonus by Barb C
Fan Fave: Feeding on Dreams by velvetwhip

Best Ficlet
Winner: Pancakes Again by deird1
Winner: A Monster After All by angelus2hot
Runner-Up: Little Marshmallows by angelskuuipo
Fan Fave: Cold by snowpuppies

Best Het
Winner: A Shadow Flits Before Me by ladyofthelog
Runner-Up: Last Train Leaving Wonderland by liz_marcs
Runner-Up: Black Magic White Lies by moscow_watcher
Fan Fave: Black Magic White Lies by moscow_watcher

Best Slash
Winner: Broken by escritoireazul
Runner-Up: In Darkness, Their Absence by lily_lovely
Runner-Up: Pentimento by lostakasha
Fan Fave: Trust by whichclothes

Best Gen
Winner: The Hours of Time by cityphonelines
Runner-Up: Second Skin by landrews
Runner-Up: Walking After Midnight by aadler
Fan Fave: The Perfectly Ordinary Life of Xander Harris by brutti_ma_buoni

Best Dub- or Non-Con
Winner: the boy and the beast by snowpuppies
Winner: Killed By A Fate Worse Than Death by velvetwhip
Fan Fave: Killed By A Fate Worse Than Death by velvetwhip

Best Crossover
Winner: The Ties That Bind Job by Telaryn and Hickumu
Runner-Up: Learning Curve by lit_gal
Fan Fave: Lockdown by ash_carpenter

Best Angst Author
Fan Fave: whichclothes

Best Dark Author
Fan Fave: spikes_evilbint

Best Overall Author

Winner: deird1

Runner-Up: liz_marcs
Fan Fave: shadowscast

Judge's Choice

Since You Left I'm A Gold Balloon That Wanders High by anythingbutgrey

Outstanding short fic that packs a huge amount into a small, small space. Everything you love about canon Cordelia is here, and a true, painful portrait of Xander alongside. Highly recommended.

The Hours of Time by cityphonelines

In the series, the First never struck me as a chills-down-your-spine sorta evil, although I'm certain that the writers wanted you to think that way. What this piece does, however, is it changes the way you look at the First as a villain. The interaction between Tara (the first) and Xander seems so perfectly them, but the betraying twist and the ending seal the deal to make this a perfect little dark/angst fest.

A Monster After All by angelus2hot

I have read this same theme of fiction as this one. Telling the tale of the vampire losing to their demon (whoever that may be) and it is very easy to mess it up. There is a temptation to overdo the darkness, to not reflect any conflict or enable the reader to empathise with the darkness. Most are good that I have read, some have been terrible. Neither good nor terrible apply to this short story though. This was brilliant. Exactly what I see other writers trying to achieve, but not pulling off as well as this.

It was savage, yet tender. Dangerous and leading. I could feel what the protagonist was feeling, I was empathising and disgusted at the same time.

The writing was smoothly flowing and gritty. In fact, this whole short slice of writing, was a whole host of contradictions, that came together to form an absolutely dark and terrible/brilliant read.

One aspect of the AOL awards is to award dark fiction. Well this is top drawer dark fic right here IMHO.

An Alphabet of Fred by deird1

Both the formatting and execution of this were unique, and the transition between voices was beautifully done.

The Soft Darkness, The Dreamless Sleep by lunabee34

I was so impressed by the unique plot, as well as by how so much impact was packed into such a short story. We are shown a different side of a character that is rarely written about, and the story slots seamlessly into canon. This story ran the gamut from humor to sweetness to heartbreak and sorrow, and left me aching for more.

...Than Meets The Eye by aadler

The author made a really interesting choice with this fic, and it panned out really well. It was a crossover with Mannix, and played out in that show's format. Joe Mannix arrives in Sunnydale with the intent to catch a cheating husband. You get to see the town, and it's nightlife, from a totally different perspective. What made it even better was that the author did it in first person, and the narrator was totally clueless about vampires, so through the whole fic, the reader knows way more about what's going on than the main character.

That could have been done very poorly and much too tongue in cheek, but this author handled it beautifully. I never felt exasperated or felt like the gag was over-played. Excellent job.

Mod's Choice

In Darkness, Their Absence by lily_lovely

This was a very oblique and challenging tale, taking us to new places and transforming familiar characters in fascinating ways. Excellent work!

Last One Standing by kallie_kat

This is an older story, but it stands with any dark fic written. Angelus is pure evil here, just as he should be, and there's no hope at all anywhere in this tale. It's exactly what you want in a dark fic.

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