June 24th, 2009

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New Categories for Round Two Announced!

Thank you all so much for casting your vote for your favorites - I was impressed by the turnout and the response to all of the choices. :)

In some ways, it was a pretty tight race, but we came out with three categories that Gabrielle and I are both excited about, and we think they're broad enough to bring in a wide variety of fiction and fill the categories!

And now, without further ado...

The New Round Two Categories Are:

Best Future

Best Character Death

Most Original

To see the complete category listing including definitions, check out our Categories Post.

We will keep all the remaining suggestions, and if this system works out, we'll give you all a chance to vote on them for round Three.

Thanks again for your participation - it's so nice for Gabrielle and I to know that you care about our site and want to see it continue! :)

And don't forget - Nominations open August 1st, so start collecting fics to nominate!