June 17th, 2009

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Vote for Round Two Categories!

Thank you all for your suggestions for new Round Two Categories. For those of you who haven't been around, Gabrielle and I decided to remove the AU, Short and Long categories, and have the public vote on which categories they'd like to replace them.

Below are your suggestions, as well as a few from the mods. You may select up to three that you think would be good categories. Please do not select a category unless you can think of two or more fics that would fit in the category. This is just to make sure that we end up with nice full categories so that they can be judged. :)

Thanks so much for your participation. Please note that the Drabble/Ficlet, Het, Slash and Gen categories will be back for Round Two (which starts in August), so start bookmarking fic to nominate!

Poll #1417177 Categories for Round Two
This poll is closed.

Please select up to three categories you think would be a good addition to Round Two of AoL Awards. Please make sure that you know of at least two angsty or dark fics that you could nominate in the category before checking it. :)

Most Twistedly Sweet - For those fics that make you grimace and go 'awww' at the same time
Best Dub- or Non-Con
Best Future
Best Character Death
Best Unrequited
Best Apocalypse
Best Crossover
Most Original
Most Gripping
Best Ensemble Fic

The poll will remain up for at least a week (if not more), so you've got plenty of time to think about potential nominees and choose the categories you think will work best!

Also, our affiliate fangfetish is having a similar voter's choice poll for a new category. If you haven't already, pop over and vote at Fang Fetish!